Concept Shoots

Sometimes I have an idea in my head, and I just want to try to capture my ideas in photographs. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are a little outside the box. But either way, I love putting these types of sessions together!

If you have any ideas for concepts you may think I would be interested in doing, please send me a message. No matter how crazy you may think it is - I enjoy doing photos of things that are fun and different, and we may be able to collaborate on your ideas and be able to bring them to life in photos!


This is probably one of my favorite photos from one of my very first concept shoots, back in 2010 in Bedford, Nova Scotia with the beautiful Alexandria. She was able to really capture the heartbreak of a bride whose wedding day didn't go exactly as planned.


Who doesn't remember CLUE? I love the movie (Tim Curry is one of my favorite actors), and the game is a classic.

I wanted to try to do a photo session to try to capture the characters from the game.

Miss Scarlett in the Billiard Room with the Lead Pipe

Professor Plum in the Dining Room with the Rope

Mrs White in the Library with the Monkey Wrench

Colonel Mustard in the Office with the Gun

Mr Green in the Kitchen with the Knife

Mrs White in the Ballroom with the Candlestick


(A huge thank you to Halifax Public Library and Dooly's Lower Sackville for allowing me to take photos in their spaces)



My husband is a Star Wars fanatic. He bought a Clone Trooper helmet one day, and I was intrigued about the possibility of doing a "Day In The Life" style photo shoot, and I had a big poofy dress I thought would be PERFECT for it.

The model, Meghan was just the person to do it! She was a real "TROOPER", and despite the honking cars, giggling adults and amazed children, she was able to maintain her composure. It as a lot of fun.

Bedford, Nova Scotia